Our Story

Our Story

The Story

Restaurants & other dining places are the most convenient examples of civilization worldwide. In the past, people preferred these restaurants and dining places as a place for food where they would visit only on special occasions or when they feel monotony with their regular meals or when they had a craving for food that couldn’t be prepared in their homes. But due to the civilization around the globe and the huge increase in the number of working professionals, especially womens, the restaurant has emerged as the most convenient and go-to place for prepared food for all walks of people across the world nowadays. Previously restaurants only served premium foods at a high cost. But due to the rise in demand for prepared food in all walks of people, restaurants have diversified their strategies, prices, products, and services. As people are not finding time to prepare their foods, they prefer restaurants for their meals. The concept of My halal Gyro came to our mind when we first realized the huge demand in the prepared food market. My Halal Gyro was introduced not only for fresh and tasty foods with unique flavors but also maintaining hygiene and safety protocols and providing our a unique and pleasant experience that they have never felt before anywhere else. We want to provide our customers with a smooth customer journey experience through our services. We have well-trained chefs and other support staff members to operate successfully. We want to provide premium quality foods with minimum possible expenditure to our customers. Our motive isn’t just earning money through our services. We want to make sure our customers feel satisfied and have their value for each penny while they are taking our services. Give us a shot. We are waiting for catering you wholeheartedly.


Our Story

The Ingredients

We only use halal, fresh, and global standard ingredients at My Halal Gyro. We ensure that the ingredients used at My Halal Gyro are organically sourced. We import all our ingredients and raw materials from places renowned for the best quality across the world.

The discovery of a new dish does more for the happiness of mankind than the discovery of a star.

Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
We provide valuable experiences that you will never forget with your friends or partner. Delicious food and refreshing drinks will make you feel more happy and satisfied

Our Commitment

Catering you with fresh and quality halal foods and earning money is not our only motive. We are deeply committed to providing our valued customers a unique and pleasant experience that they have never felt before anywhere else. We are also greatly committed to providing our customers an enhanced ambient with minimum possible expenditure. 

We are also extremely committed to delivering the best version of ourselves so that our valuable customers can feel satisfaction in their hearts. We want to make sure that our valuable customers feel extremely happy when they come back to their homes because they are returning from My Halal Gyro.


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Dine with us. We are waiting to cater to you with our unique and pleasant services at My Halal Gyro.